Our Purpose, Our Standards

Read about why we founded the Quad and what it’s for here.

Here are some disclaimers:

In the current year, it’s become fashionable to treat publications and their editors as if they believe and support everything they publish – including whatever cranks write in the comments. It’s even more fashionable to treat good-faith acts of speech and writing as if they are weapons to be locked away rather than presentations of ideas and arguments to be engaged with.

This threatens the ability of publications to foster genuine debate and give a voice to intellectual minorities. Fostering such a debate is just what the Quad is for. So calling the editors or the magazine silly names won’t result in our taking down articles, changing them to suit you, or avoiding publishing in future any pieces we think readers would find interesting. No matter how loud your volume.

Suffice to say, we don’t agree with everything published here, and we don’t need to defend anything published here, except in courts of law if we’re accused of crimes.

On that note, let the disclaimer fun begin!

  • We own the copyright to everything published, except photographs which are credited to others, and articles which have been syndicated from elsewhere. If you would like to syndicate one of our articles to another site, including any of which you are the author, write to the editors at quaded to ask permission first.
  • All articles (including any text on images) are expressions of opinions, not claims to report facts. This includes the entries by our diarists. Their identities, and the identities of any other pseudonymous contributors, are all stored offline, so forget about it.
  • We operate a loose policy on moderation, to save the editors’ time. Those who comment on our articles don’t have any moral (or legal) rights to see their comments published. So focus on writing cogent comments worth publishing. There is infinite opportunity for responding to our articles with snark, badinage, indecency or signalling by sharing them with Mark Zuckerberg and the book where he stores his friends’ faces, or Tweeting them for the birds.
  • Copyright for photographs is noted in their captions, at the bottom of their articles, and occasionally on the photos themselves. Slices of images used behind the masthead for the homepage and our diaries are under fair use on grounds of parody. (We find the juxtaposition of neo-Gothic and actual Gothic arcades hilarious.)

If you like what The Quad is doing, and want to help us flourish, you’re welcome to donate. Just email quaded and tell us about yourself, and how much you would like to give.